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Proceedings of the IEEE Russia.
North West Section, vol. 1, 2011


  • Welcome Message from the Editor-in-Chief
  • History
    • The First Electrotechnical Institute on the Eve of its 125 Anniversary V.Kutuzov, D.Puzankov and L.Zolotinkina
  • Education
    • On the Role of the IEEE in Developing Engineers of the Future S. Shaposhnikov
    • IEEE Technical English Program History A. Mikerov
  • Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies
    • On-chip Near-Field Speckle Analysis of Early Stage Aggregation Kinetics in Suspension of Nanoparticles A. Soloviev and T. Zimina
  • Communications
    • 3D Content Production S. Sukhanov
    • Seamless WLAN Off-load of 3G Networks N. Amelichev, M. Krinkin and K. Krinkin
  • Industrial Electronics
    • Quality Indexes of Half-Wave Rectification Circuit with a Shunt Diode G. Tsitsikyan, V. Kupaev and M. Antipov
    • Cascade Matrix Frequency Converter B. Skvorcov and E. Baygildina
    • Investigation of Rotational Rotor Dynamics Supported by Active Magnetic Bearings N. Polyakhov and A. Stotskaya
    • Electric Drive Systems for Light Traction: Main Problems and Basic Decisions M. Schemelev, V. Zilberman and D. Samokhvalov
    • Analysis of Operating Modes of Asynchronised Machines for Pumped-storage Power Plants M. Pronin, A. Vorontsov and T. Nahdi
  • Computer Science and Information Technologies
    • Hypothesis Verifier: Problem Generation and Answer Verification Using Open Data Arrays M. Vink
    • Pitch-Scale Modification in Text-to-Speech Systems P. Chistikov
  • Microwave Technology and Electronic Devices
    • Wireless Energy Transfer Systems: State of the Art and Efficiency Improvement O. Vendik and D. Kozlov
    • Theoretical and Experimental Researches of Bulk Acoustic Wave’s Availability in Angular Motion Sensors E. Gribkova, A. Peregudov and M. Shevelko
    • Multibunch Transverse Dynamics in the Dielectric Wakefield Accelerator I. Sheynman and A. Kanareykin
    • FEM Calculation of Coupling-of-Modes Parameters for SAW Devices A. Osetrov and S. Nguyen
    • Nonlinear Spin Waves in Ferromagnetic Films: Applications for Microwave Signal Processing A. Drozdovskii, A. Kondrashov, A. Ustinov and B. Kalinikos
    • Mobile Handsets Analysis by the Finite Element Method with a Two-stage Mesh Generation Algorithm A. Grigoriev, R. Salimov and R. Tikhonov
  • Biomedical Engineering
    • Automated System for Research and Control of Biomechanical Parameters of Bone Tissues without Pathology and with it on the Set of Software Blocks O. Kormilicyn and T. Patrina
    • Technology and System of Multiprofile Screening for Children and Adolescents V. Shapovalov and A. Nemirko
  • Quality Management
    • Influence of the National Quality Awards on the Economic Development of Countries J. Bachurina
    • Assessing the Impact of Staff Motivation for Improving Processes at Executive Authorities Bodies A. Bespalova
    • The FMEA as the Risk-Management Tool for the Hazardous Waste Control in the Context of the Oil Refining Industry R. Goldberg
    • Current Situation with Personnel Certification Systems N. Kryazheva
    • Quality Characteristics of Processes: Analysis of Existing Approaches to the Selection V. Navolotskaya
    • Business Processes Assessment and Working out Recommendations on Improvement D. Pavlova
    • Quality Assessment of Business Process Modeling A. Plaksina
    • Quality Assurance Mechanisms in Higher Education V. Rezvaya
    • Human Resources Management in Russia A. Sakhno
    • The Models Providing Quality Software Development A. Smirnova
    • Attribute Measurement System Analysis Approaches I. Pavlovskaya

ISSN 2221–7169