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Proceedings of the IEEE Russia.
North West Section, vol. 2, 2011


  • Welcome Message from the Editor-in-Chief
  • Education
    • Enhancing Engineering Education through the University-Industrial Enterprises Strategic Partnership V. Kutuzov, M. Shestopalov, D. Puzankov, S. Shaposhnikov
    • Quality Assurance of Engineering Degree Programs through Public Professional Accreditation S. Shaposhnikov
  • Communications
    • Application of Harmonic Wavelets to the Analysis and Processing of Oscillating Signals D. Klionskiy, N. Oreshko, V. Geppener
    • Phase-Shift Keyed Signals: Extraction of Local Features and Denoising on the Basis of the Continuous Wavelet Transform D. Minenkov, D. Klionskiy
  • Industrial Electronics
    • Fuzzy Logic and Clark Transform Application in Frequency Converter Diagnosis A. Dmitriev, N. Saponenko

    • The Control System of Asynchronous Generator Excitation With Variable Speed Of Rotation V. Sheludko, A. Putov, K. Ignatiev, E. Druian
    • Simulation of Broadband Signals Filter With Adaptive Methods of Control Theory D. Minenkov, A. Stotckaia., I. Kanatov, S. Romanov
    • Development of an Automated Installation for Manufacturing Profiled Crystals of Thermoelectric Materials M. Shestopalov, E. Anushina, A. Putov
    • Modelling of the Multistage-Multilevel Active Frequency Converter by a Method of the Interconnected Subcircuits M. Pronin, A. Vorontsov, T. Nahdi M. Kouzin
    • The Indirect Adaptive Control Systems with Parametrically Customized Models for Control of Nonlinear Non-Stationary Objects V. Sheludko, V. Putov, K. Nguyen, A. Stotckaia
  • Computer Science and Information Technologies
    • Vulnerabilities in Modern Web Services M. Vink
    • Clustering and Classification Tasks Adaptation to Cloud Environment I. Golubev, A. Smirnov
    • Poster Presentations Management System P. Smirnov, D. Mouromtsev
    • Mind Map of Software Company Knowledge N. Melnikov

ISSN 2221–7169