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Proceedings of the IEEE Russia.
North West Section, vol. 3, 2012


  • Welcome message from the Editor-in-Chief
  • History
    • From the History of Electrical Engineering: Electricity and Magnetism in Old, Middle Ages and Renaissance A. Mikerov
  • Education
    • On the Evolution of Criteria for Engineering Degree Programs Accreditation S.Shaposhnikov
  • Radio Engineering
    • Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of the Multi-Band Radar Complex for Environmental Monitoring V. Kutuzov,
    • S. Kalenitchenko, A. Popov, V. Veremjev, A. Konovalov, A. Barkhatov,V. Mikhaylov
    • Phase and Frequency Offset Blind Estimation for QAM Signals Using Harmonic and Biharmonic Circular Decomposition A. Petrov, A. Sergienko
  • Computer Science and Information Technologies
    • A Program Complex for Calculation, Simulation and Tuning of Analytical and Neural Network Adaptive Control Systems V. Kazakov, E. Anushina , E. Druian, V. Lebedev
    • Diagnostics of Technical Systems using Fuzzy Clustering Methods A. Alexeev, Ju. Popova, M. Shestopalov, Ju. Korablev
    • Development of Diagnostic Models for FTCS M. Shestopalov, Yu. Korablev
  • Industrial Electronics
    • Prevention of Low-Inertia Induction Motors Stalling Using Local Voltage Support by Photovoltaics Yu. Chistyakov, A. Mozalev, K. Netreba, E. Kholodova, V. Sharipov
    • A Mathematical Model of an Electromechanical Test Rig with a Drum Imitator of Motion for Electromechanical Drivers of Wheel Transport V.Putov, V.Sheludko, E. Druian, A. Putov , V. Lebedev
    • A Method for Estimation of Vibration Activity in a System of Electrical Switchboards Conductive Elements Yu. Sepp, K. Leonikhine
    • Direct and Indirect Adaptive Control Systems of Induction Electric Drives with Elastic and Nonlinear Properties V.Sheludko, V. Putov, Kiem Chien Nguyen, A. Putov, V. Lebedev
    • Aircraft Steering Actuators: State and Prospects D. Filatov, E. Anushina , A. Stotckaia
    • A Short Review of Active Magnetic Bearings Practical Application N. Polyahov, A. Stotckaia
  • Microwave Technology and Electronic Devices
    • Investigation of Geometrical Parameters Influence on Fractal Antennas Characteristics D. Babichev, V. Tupik
    • Thermal Balance of Tunable Dielectric Loaded Wakefield Accelerating Structure I. L. Sheynman, I. Y. Sheynman
    • Study of Dispersion of SAW Propagation in Piezoeletric in the Presence of Electrodes S. V. Nguyen, A. Osetrov
  • Quality Management
    • Process Management Model in an Integrated System of Information Support of Quality Systems in Education Ju. Bachurina

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