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Proceedings of the IEEE Russia.
North West Section, vol. 4, 2012

  • Welcome Message from the Editor-in-Chief
  • History
    • From the History of Electrical Engineering II: 18-th Century Electrostatic Experiments and the First Current Source Creation A. Mikerov
  • Communications
    • Adaptive Digital Filtering of Quasi Periodic Interference of Radar Video Signals B. Avdeev, A. Minina, D. Pshenichnov
    • Simple Algorithms for Recommendations Based on Analysis of User Activities Cyclicality D. Vavilov
  • Industrial Electronics and Automation
    • Development Methodology for Fuzzy-Controlled Fault Tolerant Control Systems M. Shestopalov, Ju. Korablev
    • Modelling and Control of Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator Systems with a Model Reference Adaptive Controller N. Polyahov, Zhang Yang
    • Mathematical Modeling of the Intelligent Control and Navigation System of a Mobile Robot A. Putov, M. Chuveyko
    • Power Management: Optimization Trough SCADA System A. Stotckaia, U. Munawar, D. Filatov
    • Creation of Adaptive Information and Measuring System Model of Harmonic Signals Parameters D. Filatov, A. Baydarov
    • Adaptive Synergetic Control of Electro Mechatronic Objects V. Kazakov, A. Repin
    • Research Methods for the Slot-Ripple EMF in Polyphase Integral Slot Winding I. Arseniev, I. Boguslawsky, N. Korovkin
    • Research Methods for the Slot-Ripple EMF in Large Double-Fed Machines I. Boguslawsky, S. Dubitsky, N. Korovkin
    • The Form-Factor and Ripple Constant for the Current in Three-Phase Bridge Rectifier Circuit with an Active-Inductive Load and Counter-Electromotive Force at the Output G. Tsitsikyan, A. Kaznacheev
  • Microwave Technology and Electronic Devices
    • Mobile Communication EMF Exposure at People: Rationing of EMF P. Korovchenko
    • Features of Formation of the Electromagnetic Field in the Air Environment of the Urbanized Space in the Presence of Metal Structures S. Apollonskiy
  • Biomedical Engineering
    • Search of Technological Ways to Improve the Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Quality of Life A. Grigorash
  • Quality Management
    • Determination of the Processes Quality Characteristics in an Educational Institution J. Shrayner

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